Imagine yourself sitting in a tap room at East Burnside Street in Portland. You are enjoying a juicy West Coast IPA or dining at a typical Nordic style restaurant in the Meat District in Copenhagen. Imagine eating a beautifully balanced, colorful, salty, sour, fruity, comforting and playful Pasta Puttanesca. Fresh strawberries from Basel’s countryside is definitely what you crave afterwards, while listening to “Home is wherever I’m with you” in the background. Your bag is placed right next to you on the comfy bench sofa. – Yup, that is you at Matt & Elly! On one of the 100 seats at the kitchen and garden or the 30 seats at the bar and brewery, you are the star! In a typical Swiss manner, we won’t ever ask you for an autograph, instead we treat you like everyone else; charming with a smile.

Excelente Cerveza y gente muy linda!! Gracias por brindarnos tan lindo servicio! AbraSon familia!

Jorge González Castelló , El Guajiro, Cuban Music Catering

It’s a cozy place with good food and great beer!

Pruthvi Sena Reddy, via Google

Excellent beer on tap, delicious food and amazing staff.

Mateusz Piksa, via Google

Nice craft beer.

Todd Duncombe, via Google

Splendid beer! ‘Gonna definitely recommend to my pals!

Ben Qzb Ram , QZB

LCI – nice balanced, smooth strawberries

Matt & Elly Brewery & Kitchen, a newly opened hot spot in Kleinbasel with seasonal beer and food menus.

Clara Tuma, The New York Times

Apricot and plums… So gentle and smooth, would be great with food. On the lighter side.

Michele F. M., via Untappd

I can fall in love with any brand that combines, quality, passion, attention to detail wrapped in a good story. Matt&Elly definitely lives up to all of these criteria!

Beyond Expectation & Trendsetting in Switzerland ?


We, Jarin Huber and Denise Furter, met in 2010 in Basel. Jarin is a trained chef and well experienced restaurant manager; Denise a hotel manager, Beer Sommelière and charming hostess. We met quite a while ago and were an immediate match; first at work as colleagues and later on as a couple. While travelling the world every now and then we came to the idea of Matt & Elly in 2017. Martin, our creative chef and Max, our talented brewer, joined our team shortly after. In these two ‘old colleagues’ we found the perfect people to launch the restaurant and brewery with bar together. The Brewery & Kitchen gives you the unique freedom you know from travelling, the feeling of being relaxed and, if you feel like it, the willingness to meet interesting people like yourself while eating, drinking and telling each other your stories.

Team Matt & Elly